Some beautiful friends of mine, Luke and Sarah, recently moved into their new home that Luke himself built. He spent every spare moment on the house, and is such a hard working, committed husband and Dad. He is the perfect match to Sarah, who is one of the most organised, generous and selfless people I know. We are so lucky to have them as friends, and Levi and Zoe are the luckiest munchkins in the world to have them as their parents.

I have done a few family portrait sessions now for the Aquilina’s, but this time we did things a little differently. A lifestyle session is all about capturing your life as a family, in the comfort of your home. It is about capturing the essence of your life at this particular moment in time and just being yourself. It’s about painting nails, playing doll houses, practicing your walk down the hallway for your Aunty’s upcoming wedding, jumping on the bed, reading books, swinging off the stairs, playing piggy in the middle frisbee, tickling each other, and having lots and lots of hugs.