The Chapman family are some of my favourite people in the whole world because they are incredible friends, unwavering in their support and love for everyone around them (and each other). They are absolutely killing it as parents, raising their two sons to be kind, wild at heart, loving and respectful. Hamish is a funny little fire cracker (and also my daughter’s bestie). He demanded his Mum and Dad’s attention from the get-go, making sure he was the centre of their universe and filling their life with love and laughs. This year, along came Owen! Shaylee describes him as her ‘missing peace’, because he quite literally brought peace into their world. He wakes up smiling, and is the happiest little bubba you could meet. He is inquisitive, doesn’t want to miss out on anything, and is so chilled out (most of the time). Here are some photos of fresh Owen, settling in with his amazing family <3